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Management Information

This is our core service at eLTA.  We believe the key to understanding and managing your business is reviewing and reacting to your financial performance, on a regular and consistent basis.

It goes without saying that we take care of all your compliance requirements, but what we offer you goes far beyond just this. We produce and deliver monthly Management Accounts within 15 days of receiving your input documents. All in time for you to understand where you are financially, what your profitability and cash flow is and what you may need to do within your business for continued and improved success.

Monthly Reports

Each month, we produce a full monthly report providing you with timely information, detailing the main costs to your pub. This comprehensive report is tailored especially for your business and includes:

  • Full commentary with graphs and statistics detailing the important areas of running a pub
  • GP% and comparison of current budgets with previous years
  • Graph of wet and dry sales over the period
  • A summary of the main areas of expenditure and how they are stacking up with the overall turnover of the business
  • A chart so that the top 10 overheads can easily be seen
  • Monthly graph of profit and loss
  • Analysis of the balance sheet and how healthy the business is, in regard to liquidity
  • Key Performance Indicators with comparisons
  • Wet and dry sales value & GP%
  • Employee costs to turnover
  • Rent to turnover
  • Retained profit for the period
  • Average weekly turnover
  • Current weekly breakeven turnover
  • VAT outstanding
  • Company tax outstanding
  • Machine Games Duty (MGD) tax outstanding
  • Trading and profit and loss account with comparisons
  • Summary account with variance analysis and % to turnover
  • Detailed account with more in-depth variance analysis and % to turnover
  • Analysis of overheads
  • Detailed analysis and breakdown of overheads with variance analysis and % to turnover
  • Balance sheet
  • Notes to support

Our Management Information service keeps you aware of the key costs to your business, equipping you with a full account overview of everything you need to react accordingly and in a timely manner.

Your personal Accountant will always be on call if you have any questions.

To discover more on our Monthly Management Information service, contact us today. 

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