2018 is on the horizon, and with it comes a host of new trends in food. Waitrose have just released their annual Food & Drink Report, detailing some tasty trends in store for the year ahead. So, if you’re planning a new year revamp, you might want to consider adding these predicted trends to your 2018 menu…

1 . Indian street food

Say goodbye to heavy sauces and typical tikka masalas; this trend is all about “smoked, grilled or seared delicacies, such as scallops in pickled ginger” and “Food trucks selling puris stuffed with zingy vegetables and drizzled in chutney could become a common sight” – according to Waitrose experts.

2. Four meals

According to the recent report, many more of us are enjoying a fourth meal in the form of brunch, or a light afternoon meal before our dinner. So 2018 will be seeing plenty mote of this fourth meal option! This isn’t about being greedy, or snacking – it’s about adapting our eating routine to suit busy, social lifestyles.

3. Plant proteins

With the rising trend in clean eating, we’re seeing a surge in vegans and vegetarians – which is why Waitrose are also predicting a growth in part-time Veggies: known as Flexitarians. 2018 is likely to see a demand for plant-based proteins such as recipes with beans, seeds and nuts.

4. Japanese ‘dude’ food

This trend mixes “the hearty ‘dude food’ of the southern United States with the unctuous, rich and surprising flavours of after-hours Tokyo,” Waitrose says.

Think skewered chicken or deep-friend chicken in broth – these heavier dishes are predicted to replace lighter Japanese favourites.

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