Your business can use social media to deliver great customer experiences and develop deeper relationships. Creating good content and distributing it over social media can be a very effective way to grow your business.
That’s why the biggest brands and companies all over the world, invest huge amounts of resources & budget into producing great content that people want to consume.

Producing content for your target audience doesn’t have to involve massive resources. In fact, you can use anything from captioned photos, screenshots, or a few short videos to deliver simple content that keeps people interested. If you have time, producing relevant articles and sharing them on your Facebook or Twitter feeds can be a good way of getting people to engage with your business. Make sure you use an attention-grabbing caption as part of this – incorporate keywords, hashtags and trending topics into your statuses.

In order to create effective content, you need to be ready to seize opportunities as they present themselves. Think about how you can act upon the many opportunities you and your team encounter, and turn it into relevant and timely content.

For example – maybe there’s a trend or news topic that relates to what you do? Respond to and participate in the hype by responding with your view on Twitter, as soon as it happens! Maybe your business offers something completely unique that ties in with a topic? An award-winning beer, an innovative dish off the menu, or a signature cocktail? Perhaps it ties in with a local event, a national holiday or an international celebration. Being visual is a great way to fast-track engagement – share your images. videos, GIFs and stories to help humanise your business and showcase what makes you special!

The key goal of your content is to build a relationship with the people consuming it, so they build familiarity with your brand and will trust you to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Creating relationships with people is key to developing brand loyalty. People buy people – so it’s just as important that your social media presence also features individuals and groups of people from your team. This will help to humanise what you do, establishing a personality behind your name! If you can deliver relevant and interesting content consistently to your target audience, you will build your brand and secure new business development/sales opportunities as a result.


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