Delivery giant Deliveroo has begun working with pubs to extend their offer and bring food back on the pub menu.

After a trial run that began in the summer, the brand has announced that they will deliver from restaurants to pubs that do not typically serve food, or where the Food in Food & Beverage does not account for a majority of that locations revenue.

The company has set up several partnerships across the UK with pubs and bars that don’t have kitchens, allowing patrons to order in Deliveroo to the pub.

This is just the next change in a long-line of seismic shifts publicans are going through in order to stay relevant – and it’s working.  Make no mistake, pubs are changing. In the absence of stale cigarette smoke, you’re now more likely than ever to sniff the waft of someone’s curry across the bar.

One London establishment has raised the food game, announcing itself to be Britain’s first all organic pub. And high-tech ordering is no longer reserved for quirky restaurants with interactive tables because with the seamless Wetherspoons app your pie and your pint is only a few taps away.

Pubs have always been the heart of the community. Despite having fallen on hard times, tech could be about to help them bounce back – and we’ll drink to that!


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