No matter how popular your bar or restaurant is, there are always plenty more ways to maximise on profits. And, one of the best ways to bring in more revenue is through hosting events & private functions at your venue. If you’re new to event planning, or holding it off in fear of potential mishaps then here are some top tips to help you plan & host memorable events, that’ll pan out smoothly and win more business!

1. Build a standardised event process

From your waiters/waitresses, to the kitchen staff and front of house – your whole team needs to be prepared for every event. Whether it’s a private party, a public celebration, or live music – everyone should know what to expect. The best way to prepare everyone for any occasion is to implement a standard procedure for each department.

Keep an up-to-date diary or planner easily accessible, containing all upcoming events for the season – this way, everyone is aware and has time to query any uncertainties.

Set a realistic booking capacity and consider adding ticketing or a formal booking process. This will help avoid oversubscription and will keep the event manageable, ensuring a smooth-running and positive experience for all. This will also allow you to keep track of numbers and costs so you know what to expect.

If you formalise this process for all future bookings and events, you’ll be able to laser-focus your planning approach and customise parts of your event in response to individual preferences and popular demands – making for a more memorable experience!

2. Create a standard event menu

Want to make your event extra special? This could be a prime opportunity to show off your best-kept secrets! Perhaps a speciality cocktail that your bartenders are proud of, or a favourite dish from the Chef. These special additions will maximise the feeling of exclusivity for your customers/guests, and help make your event stand out as something unique.

Getting the teams together to share ideas is an excellent way to boost morale and generate creative concepts to help strengthen the event-hosting experience.

Having one standard menu to refer to will also help streamline the event process, so no-one is caught out.

3. Utilise social media

Facebook is a great way to create hype and drive bookings for your event. Allocating a small budget to boosting an event or creating a targeted ad allows you to easily reach your ideal target market, within a short space of time. Whether it’s a certain age-group you’re looking to attract, in a particular town, village or city – Facebook allows you to select your audience based on demographics such as location, age, behaviours and interests.

You can also create tailored offers and events which will enable you to gauge an idea on numbers and demand, prior to the date.

4. Be clued up on licenses & permits

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you may need a special permit, license or insurance to legally cover it. Be sure to take time to research the regulations & rules involved in your area. Failure to adhere can be costly and even detrimental to your business. Live music, film-screening, and fireworks all require certain licenses and proper documentation.

5. Partner with the locals

To host private events, you need the numbers! Consider partnering with local facilities — such as hotels, convention centres, or local businesses looking for retreats or team-building activities — that can provide a steady stream of customers to your door. Becoming an official partner with these businesses can also help lower your marketing costs and help attract new and regular customers too!

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