While it may be an afterthought for many Bar Managers and Pub Owners – a well-designed menu is a great opportunity to make a powerful first impression.  It might seem like a minor detail, but having a well thought-out menu aesthetic can make all the difference to your customers’ dining experience.

Here are 3 of the very best tips to consider for nailing your menu design –

Print Production

Outsourcing a Printer to print and/or design your menu will guarantee a more professional look, however, this can be tricky for restaurants – where menus often need frequent tweaking and modification.  If you’re printing in-house, be sure to invest in a quality printer and paper, so that your design isn’t let down by a bad finish or poor cut.   If you’re using a light paper, protect your menu with a sleeve, book or clipboard-mount to enhance longevity.

Clear Layout & Readability

Are you using the right font and colour? Take into account the size and shade of the text – ensuring it’s large enough to be read easily, and not too light to be lost under dim lighting.  Include category titles and spacing to break-up dishes, so your customers can easily and quickly scan through what’s on offer.  Simplicity is key to a pleasing menu layout!

Brand Identity

Does your menu reflect your brand? Having an on-brand menu means it matches up with the concept of your establishment, and links in with other promotional materials and visuals you may have (i.e. brochures, flyers, logo, website, company colours).

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