Cloud-based Accounting is on the rise! But what are the benefits of going digital and how could this help your business run more smoothly? 

1. Removes the constant pile of paperwork

Instead of having to sift through endless paperwork after a long day’s work, everything is stored on a secure online App.  This enables you to use paperless work flow and file storage; with easy access from any device – be it your Smartphone, Tablet, or desktop.

This means you spend less time finding and filing documents.  All of your Accounts, VATs, MGD, Tax Returns, Payslips, Cash Sheets and Invoices are organised and accessible in one safe place, and can be updated in real-time – keeping everything secure and current.

2. Access Financial Information, Anywhere, Anytime

This is hugely beneficial for businesses that are constantly on the move! A few taps on your Smartphone or Tablet and you are able to access and track your financial performance and progress from anywhere in the world, 24/7.  Oversee a summary of financial statements and cash flow analysis at a time to suit you.  All you need is internet connection!

3. Free Storage

Everything is managed online, which means you don’t need to install anything.  Additionally, updates are done regularly and automatically.  This financial benefit helps reduce overhead costs and other fees, as they are managed by the cloud service provider.  With these advantages, overall efficiency and productivity are guaranteed to improve.

There’s no need to constantly worry about installations and maintenance; spend more time focusing on revenue-generating activities.  Viewing your data in this streamlined format gives you a clear overview of your finances at a glance.

How can we help?

Our innovative PubHub portal provides you with unique cloud access to all of your Pub, or Pub chain’s, financial progress. eLTA’s PubHub platform has been especially designed by experienced Publicans and expert Accountants, with the Publican in mind.

To find out more, request a call today of visit our PubHub page for more insight.