Poor quality food, rude customer service, and long waits have been named as the leading influencers for negative customer reviews – according to new research.  

The findings, unveiled by data provider Fourth, also revealed that younger customers (between the ages of 16-29) were twice as likely to leave a negative review than their older counterparts (age 30-44).  More than three quarters (78.8%) of the 1,500 UK consumers surveyed blamed poor food quality as the main motivator for leaving negative feedback, on platforms such as TripAdvisor.

On the opposing hand, the biggest drivers for positive reviews were found to be quality food, attentive staff and speedy service.

How to avoid negative feedback?

The survey also indicated that operators had the best chance of mitigating a negative review if the food wasn’t up-to-scratch through the offering of a discounted bill, excellent service throughout a visit, or giving a complimentary return visit.

Catherine Marshall, Communications Director at Fourth, said:

“Customer-driven online review platforms, such as TripAdvisor, have become very influential drivers in generating footfall. It is clear the younger, tech-savvy generations are more critical than the older generations when it comes to leaving negative feedback and, therefore, forward-thinking operators seeking to future proof their business are tracking, analysing and acting upon customer sentiment”.

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